Chairman's Message

Dear Friends,

Greetings! We have come together to be the first pan India association of plastics machinery manufacturers, as PMMAI. We are a sizeable industry with output of nearly Rs. 4,000 crores in 2013. It was felt by many of us to have an independent voice to represent our industries unique concerns. With your support PMMAI, is now recognized by the Government as separately designated machinery sector, distinct from machine tools where we were earlier clubbed with. Machine tools association was very helpful in representing to Government. But we now have to chart our own course.

Ours is Sunrise Industry whose growth is just beginning. As consumption of plastics will grow, so will the demand for machinery to process all those additional millions of tons of polymers. We have to work together to benefit from this demand. Otherwise, imports will fill the gap to our detriment. We need to understand how to improve our capabilities, how to increase our manufacturing capacity, how to improve our output quality to world class levels, how to meet demands for new technologies. And so on to raise the standards of our industry to global standards.

Mr. Mahendra Patel
Chairman - PMMAI

Many of us are already successful exporters to first world countries. This indicates world class company as these countries do not accept anything below the highest standards. How do we work together to bring all of our industry to such exacting standards. We have to be the torch bearers for Indian engineering manufacturing to the world. That is PMMAI creed. I urge you to participate wholeheartedly in our mission to grow plastics machinery manufacturing in India.

There is apprehension in the plastics industry that PMMAI is yet another ploy to hold yet another exhibition and garner funds for use of few. We are assumed to be competing with other industry associations. But this is far from the truth. To improve and grow the machinery industry, PMMAI will work with the industry. Our members will participate in exhibitions as they will, where they will and what they will. PMMAI will focus on many other soft and hard aspects of engineering manufacturing. PMMAI will also pursue with respective Goverment Ministries and departments to protect and further machinery industry interests.We will work to shape and influence Government policy which affects our working.

This is our first newsletter designed to share association activities, industry news, important statutory updates etc. We invite readers comments to help us improve the contents of this newsletter. It will be useful to our members as well as plastics industry in general.

With Best regards
Mahendra N. Patel,

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Edition 2011

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