PMMAI organized “ TECNOMMERCE 2014 ” seminar in Ahmedabad on March 1, 2014.It was a half day event with several sessions, and was attended by industry leaders and stalwarts. About 150 persons attended the seminar to make its first edition a thumping success that was appreciated by all participants. Attendees included 150 delegates from about 56 companies.

Highlights of the seminar included :
* Mr. Sanjay Chavre, Dept. of Heavy Industries spoke on “ the schemes declared by government for machinery / its parts manufactures & how to avail benefits of that”

* Mr. Subba Bangera, Ex-M.D., Sidel India on “ how to improve manufacturing & organisation practices for building world class manufacturing unit ”
Any unit which is capable of manufacturing and servicing its goods in consistent quality at lower cost and fastest speed and in full can be defined as world class lean unitLean addresses continuous improvement, Five S, waste identification and elimination, work place organization, vendor relationships, visual factories, error proofing, process standardization, culture changes, physical arrangement of the facility. All of that promotes and ensures an efficient, synchronous flow of products and information throughout the organization. Six Sigma and its tools are used to resolve any negative deviations from that standard.So with the complement of Lean and Six Sigma, the proverbial bar is perpetually raised. Lean and Six Sigma are for any process in the organization, not just for manufacturing. To be lean Six Sigma company, managers must address all processes, from the factory floor to customer service. The 5 S include Sifting, Sorting, Sweeping & washing, Standardize, Self Discipline.

Mr. Mrunal Sanghvi, Regional Sales Manager, Nordson Xaloy Asia (Thailand) Ltd. Spoke on Screw & Barrel - Metallurgy & Service Life.
He discussed that current requirements are guided by demands of end products of extrusion & molding that are getting more stringent. Machines require to provide

  • Higher Output / Productivity
  • Flexibility to process various Polymers & Additives, and more & more fillers as well as process recycled polymers in many applications
  • Lower Power Consumption and lower Process Waste

These stringent demands lead to higher abrasion & corrosion of screw & barrel. He addressed the gathering on how to handle the problem of wear, signs of wear, types of wear, screw and barell metallurgy, and also on wear solutions.

* Mr. Jayesh Rambhia, M. D., Premsons Plastics Pvt. Ltd., spoke on necessity is the mother of innovation, “ how to make happy my customer ”. He emphasized that there is a huge headroom for growth in India as the country targets to raise polymer consumption at par with world average rates. The Five year plan target is 20 kg per head per year by 2020. There is a growing need to concentrate on Customer Focus to understand and meet customer needs, as well as on the changing needs of market, innovation, reliability, speed, etc.

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