Automation With Auxiliary Equipment

NU VU Conair Pvt Ltd is 50:50 JV with The Conair Group (Part if IPEG, USA) and NU VU Engineers Ahmedabad, formed in 2007, manufacturing all auxiliaries required for upstream side of moulding and extrusion machines. These include storage silo, vacuum conveying system, dehumidifying drying system, gravimetric blending system, loss in weight system ( EPC),mould temperature controllers, chillers, crystallizer and granulators. We have state of the art manufacturing facility for manufacturing high quality equipment. The critical components are imported from Conair Group and rests are manufactured in India as per Conair design.

TRUEWEIGH® Loss in Weight System or also known as Extrusion Process control (EPC) System, which monitor and automatically control extruder throughput result in huge saving of polymer for the processor. The first question that comes to everyone is what this system does.

  • Conair ‘s TRUEWEIGH® gravimetric system tracks material being fed to the extruder and automatically adjusts screw rpm and haul off device to maintain a consistent product output regardless of change in processing variables
  • The system allows extrusion processors to put their equipment in “cruise Control”

The next question that pops up is why is this system needed in our plant.

  • Any change in extruder output will affect Yield, gauge, and Layer ratios. The common causes for variation in output are screen pack blockage, screw and barrel wear, slip, change in back pressure, uneven barrel temp, screw cooling, change in shear arte/material viscosity, The results are poor quality, non-uniform product, costly line shutdowns, and excessive scraps. So it is important to maintain the Kg/hr going in to the extruder
  • Processor also faces challenge of increasing output and tightens product tolerance otherwise they ship less unpaid material to customer
  • In typical co extrusion line it is important to minimize layer variation and hold thickness and dimensional stability. The TRUE WEIGHT system measures mass flow of material in to extrusion process and send this loss in weight information to TRUEWEIGH® controller. The controller then accurately monitors or adjust the extruder screw RPM/or Haul off RPM to maintain a consistent yield control. This enables an operator to run a uniform product within the tightest tolerances at the lowest possible cost

Next you will be interested to know how it works.

The Loss in weight hopper which is mounted on load cell are installed on extruder throat, the load cell precisely measure material feeding in to extruder, and pass the information to PLC based Controller. The control system then varies the extruder RPM to maintain desired kgs/hr going in to extruder irrespective process variation and condition. The control system also synchronizes the haul off device.

This system is available in different models and configuration to suits every processor needs. Up to 12 Extruder and one Haul off on a single co-extrusion line can be monitored and controlled. Our team will study each and every application and design system which will benefit the processor. The system is used with single screw flood –fed extruder in Mono or Co-extrusion line for

  • Blown and cast film line
  • sheet line, pipe, film, sheet
  • Pipe, tube and profile
  • Wire, cable and jacketing
  • Extrusion coating and laminating
  • Inventory control – material reporting

Typical process flow for Multilayer film line

The TRUEWEIGH® can be used to control following

  • Extruder rate by weight throughput –
  • Haul-off speed by length throughput –
  • Weight of product per running length - Pipe, tube and profile
  • Layer percentages by weight for co-extrusion, for multilayer film line
  • Weight of product by area
  • Average thickness of film, sheet, pipe, tube, wire & cable (given width/diameter and material density inputs

The benefits include,

  • Increase Yield – get more of what you want
  • Quick startup, minimize start up waste
  • Material saving from tighter tolerances
  • Improved product quality
  • Precise layer ratio control for co-extruded film and sheet
  • Dimensional stability for tubing, pipe and profile wall thickness
  • Allows line to run at desired wall thickness without making a scrap
  • Problem Identification and alarm
  • Inventory Management and reporting
  • Very low payback period, highest return on investment
  • TRUEWEIGH® system can be easily mounted on extruder system

The following benefits can be realized in multilayer line,

  • TRUE WEIGH holds each layer % constant
  • TRUE WEIGHT Maintain weight per length

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