Rajoo sees repeat orders emerge from customer satisfaction

The position of leadership is further reinforced - Rajoo is proceeding to execute its 6th Flat Drip Irrigation system to its existing customer - A demonstration of customer delight – a first in the history of flat drip irrigation systems!

The drip irrigation extrusion system for flat dripper comes with the servo driven dripper insertion device. The 3-axis mechanical adjustment system of vacuum tank with servo controlled lateral position allows quick precise positioning. The optimum pulling force and synchronized function of servo system prevents ovality in pipes. The drippers come with varied flow rate options and are fed by a centrifugal feeder onto a conveyor belt. A lightweight, mechanical and servo - controlled backed up dancer assembly maintains tension in the pipe. Winder is equipped with an automatic length counter and auto splicing push button and capable of taking max coil diameter of 750 mm. Rajoo also provides a fully automatic coil wrapping machine for pipe packing.

The line is distinctly running at 150 meter/min. Pipe thickness of 0.2 – 0.9 mm, dripper spacing variation ±3%, automatic winder speed of 180mpm, and hole punching unit of 800 drippers per minute are other defining parameters. Typical systems come with an 80mm/32D extruder. Auto detection control for dripper hole ensures convenience and precision.


The Islamic Republic of Iran Business Guide

Edition 2011

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