2014 has been a year of momentous events and changes. Already we are experiencing positive improvement in market sentiments. Almost all PMMAI members have better order-booking than a year ago. Against this backdrop of positive factors, we experienced mixed feelings about venue change of Plastindia 2015. Lot of anger and ire has been vented in private & public meetings, internet campaign, even a court petition! There was a justifiable apprehension for new site at Gandhinagar to be ready in time. I personally visited the site on 10 December days ago. We can now feel confident that the site will be ready. It will be a good exhibition ground, if not the best, in the country. I have following comments after my visit.

  • Progress is quite encouraging. Construction work is really going on full swing, round the clock. Progress is quite impressive
  • Helipad Ground Exhibition Center now has a much bigger and prestigious role for Vibrant Gujarat events, where Hon. PM will attend at least two events. Number of other dignitaries are being added every day. So it will be a truly mega jamboree!
  • Round the clock, SRP and Police personnel are now assigned to ensure security and prevent possible sabotage. I saw each truck being scrutinized and metal detectors being used when boxes are unloaded
  • Hon. Shri Saurabhbhai has instructed Torrent Power to give 22 MW power connection, as requested by PIF. Necessary orders are issued and work sarted. Separately DG sets of 10 MW, to be supplied by GoG, are sanctioned for air-conditioning all halls

Mr. Mahendra Patel
Chairman - PMMAI

  • Hall 5 progress is most impressive with roof completed and RCC flooring work under way. Expected to be finished and ready after curing well before end of the month. Platforms for transformer and cables are being laid. These will be hardly visible through the trees. Area next to the canteen for storage is now cleaned up and leveled. A gate through this area connects directly to Fire Brigade next to the Center. This Hall is also booked for Vibrant Gujarat events. (Earlier it was not.) Hence, there is GoG pressure to complete it. Given the speed of work that I saw, I am sure they will do it by end of December as required. There is really no choice but to do it
  • All other halls are under similar frenzied progress. Only 4 halls remain unfinished from construction point of view, biggest being Hall 5
  • For Proplast there is separate mini-site across the road from the main entrance. It will have three Hangars, halls: 1-3, to be put up for Vibrant events. Foundation and flooring is ready. Structure will start to go up soon. Construction of this building is easier when compared to Hall 5
  • Road work has commenced with the appointment of a new, distinct contractor appointed to speed up the work. Compound wall enclosing the whole site is under progress with main entry gate nearing completion
  • Many halls are completed or nearing completion soon. Cleaning the halls and surroundings has started. Some remarkable sculptures have been put up as beautification of the site. Natural greenery all around is already a soothing sight to behold. Many more planters will be put on all internal roads once construction is complete

Currently an exhibition of Indian Textile machinery is on, with the last day being 12th December. There have already been two other events here last week. One was the high profile promotion function of new Shah Rukh Khan movie "Happy New Year”. We can be now better assured that the site will ready for PI-2015 well in time.

It is in our interest to have faith and work for making for PI-2015 successful. Let us hope our event to be a catalyst for future development of Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar urban region with rapid growth of hotels, airport facilities, airline connectivity, transport logistics etc. etc. as the exhibition center of India. History of modern world shows that many cities around the world have grown because of strategically important exhibitions and industrial fairs. I am not sure if I would love my city to become a mega urban sprawl with all its attendant problems, but if that is the price of progress than it must be paid.

Let us have confidence in future.

Let us all now work hard to take full benefit of for PI-2015. Wish you all the best for upcoming for PI-2015 and for the all of 2015.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Business Guide

Edition 2011

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