Windsor unveils latest Two Platen Machine Technology in India

Windsor, in its 50 years journey, has unveiled many new machine technologies in India, thereby giving its customers a new horizon to maximize profits. Continuing the journey, Windsor had recently acquired ITALTECH – an Italian giant to deliver “Next-Gen Two Platen Injection Molding Machines”. To showcase the technological strength of the innovative KL series Two Platen machines, an OPEN HOUSE was organized at our Chhatral plant, on 18th and 19 th September.

The event was a great success as many customers, consultants and technocrats witnessed the live demonstration of KL800 ton machine producing 4.6 kg Industrial Pallet. This imposing event was inaugurated by Mr. Prakash Patel (Chairman), Mr. Bhavesh Patel, Mr. Shailesh Patel & Mr. Hiren Patel (Directors on Board) of M/s. Varmora Plastech Pvt. Ltd. Mr. T S Rajan (CEO), Mr. Nitin Chowdhary (Dy. CEO), Mr. Massimo Pegoraro (Italtech, CEO) and entire Windsor team remained present to grace the event.

Also on display were EXCEL-180 machine producing Multi-Cavity Containers and EXCEL-130 machine processing engineering plastic to produce casing for Electrical Spike Guard. The display of all three machines was a clear indication of Maximum Technology in Minimum Space possible. Energy efficiency (machines driven by servo hydraulics), better productivity, reduced maintenance and high precision mouldings were the key parameter kept in mind while demonstrating these machines.

KL Series machines are available in the clamp force range of 350 to 8000 ton. KL series machines have innovative and Patented technologies to ensures high reliability and enhanced machine life. The machines offers many value added feature for customer benefits. Few machine attributes are as follows,

  • Machine foot print reduction : 15~20% space saving
  • Wide Clamp Specifications to offer flexibility to customers for optimum use of machine
  • Free, Suspended and Short Tie bars without the need of lubrication, making the machine clean
  • Tie bar regulation mechanism for enhanced reliability of split nuts and tie bar
  • Fast cycling operation due to Close loop function of Clamp and Injection movements. Increased Productivity
  • Optimized platen weights reduces energy demand for movements
  • Reduced number of parts like split nut locking cylinders and platens increase reliability and enhance tooling life
  • FPatented Jaw clamping system for synchronized movement of split nuts. This prevents banging of nuts on tie bars and improve nut and tie bar life
  • Larger mould weight carrying capacity
  • Free moving platen and easy adjustment of parallelism
  • Servo hydraulic driven system for Energy reduction
  • Advanced Control System to help in quick process set ups and to improve product quality

The open house was a great success. The event created a platform of knowledge sharing and fruitful interaction. Many customers and industry technocrats witnessed the technological advantage of the New Machines and appreciated the impressive unveiling of the latest Two Platen Injection Moulding technology

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