A Report on PMMAI Open House Organised on 15th July, 2015 at Ahmedabad

An open house was organised by PMMAI on Wednesday, 15th July, 2015 at Hotel Courtyard Marriott, Ahmedabad. Programme was well attended by more than 70 participants from all over the country. The objective of organising an open house was to provide a common platform for PMMAI members & PPM industry to interact, share ideas and decide a route map for coming years.

Programme started with a welcome note by PMMAI Chairman Shri Mahendra Patel. He stressed the idea that we are not competitors but co entrepreneurs who will jointly work for a new Brand Image of Indian PPM industry globally on basis of Quality. Shri S V Kabra, Co Chairman, PMMAI motivated the industry to join hands and work together. He explained the idea behind formation of PMMAI and that PMMAI is a platform where every member is treated equally irrespective of the size of industry.

The house was opened for discussions & suggestions from the members. Members actively participated .The main points discussed during the open house were:

  • All members were requested to provide data required by PMMAI to put proposals in government for schemes
  • Central Purchase System for members to be competitive
  • Many important components like Screw, Barrel, Moulds, Die etc. have a special metallurgy. We can develop a common import purchase of such alloy steel
  • Developing Aesthetics of Machine
  • Develop exports for industry
  • Importance of world class Lean manufacturing in our industries was discussed and it was decided to implement through a professional agency in small groups
  • Uniform terms of sale
  • To promote “Brand India” in PPM industry globally
  • Skill development for PPM industry by industry – academia collaboration
  • To improve quality of Machines
  • PMMAI members to jointly participate in Exhibition
  • Factory visits for learning & sharing Best Practices in Industry
  • To organize study tour & delegations to various countries

Working groups were formed to take forward the suggestions in a working module.

  • Common Purchase System
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • SME

A presentation on Common Purchase System was made by Shri Shirish Divgi, MD, FMI attached herewith. The open house was followed by lunch sponsored by Windsor.

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