First India in its category to Manufacture and Export 3000 litre HDPE Water Tank Blow Moulding Machine !

JAGMOHAN, an ISO 9001 : 2008 Company emerged with partnership of Mr. Jagdish shah and Mr. Mohan Singh Tetra in Plastic world of Extrusion Blow Moulding Machinery, since then it is incessantly growing with prodigious brand value. Today we stand the only company in India to cover various application from 200ml to 5000 ltrs in terms of repeatability and durability. Since 1980 , Jagmohan have been designing and manufacturing Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines for satisfied customers worldwide in our state-of-art set up at Asangaon,Thane, INDIA spread across 1,00,000 Sq.ft (10,000, the largest in its category with capacity to structure more than 500 machine annually from 200ml - 5000 ltr.

Jagmohan is the first Asian Company to transform the usual practice for producing Water Tanks from Roto Moulding to Extrusion Blow Moulding!

The turn ar happened in 2008 when JAGMOHAN supplied its first ever developed 1000 litre Double Layer Machine to Kenya. The concept got hit in the market and slowly and steadily the news was on. Jagmohan contacted Vectus, a brand name in rotomoulded tanks those days. They visited the Kenyan customer and while returning back ordered two machines instantly for their Indian plants. The rest is history … Today Vectus gives 20 years Guarantee on their tanks produced from our machines.

Gradually , the path of success followed like this way :

  • 1st Indian to supply 3000 litre Double Layer Machine to Nigeria
  • Developed 4 layer Water Tank Machine for India
  • Vectus also expanded their wings to Kenya by setting up a plant in Kenya for HDPE Blow Moulded Tanks

Kenya, Nigeria, Nepal, Italy , Sudan , Saudi Arabia and Jordan are the countries where we have exported our water tank machines and they are running 24×7 workhorse. Their machines are robust producing eminent quality Tanks of HM-HDPE material which leads to the stoutness of the Tank even on much lighter in weight . Tanks made of HM-HDPE Material posses much more (~5 times) elongated life in comparison to the LDPE make roto-moulded tanks due to simple basic material properties. All these years, Jagmohan has harnessed all these properties leading to the Break Through…

Since the raw material properties also leads to the stoutness of the tank, you can reduce on the weight of the tanks without compromising the strength by dedicated Multipoint Parison Programs controlling the thickness of the wall of the tanks with more weight in the top and the middle. That’s the beauty of JAGMOHAN Extrusion Blow Moulding. In comparison with Roto, Jagmohan has always proved themselves far better in technology eliminating the additional processes like Pulverising and Pelletizing. It’s simple and automatic, means less manpower, less breakdown time, less power, less recurring costs and more profit. With Jagmohan Blow Moulding Machines, you can produce different designs of Tanks and also different capacities from the same machine. There is also an option of interchangeable moulds which means a mould with different capacities into one single which reduces your Mould space in the factory. Isnt it great ??

Jagmohan today is known for its indigenous design with even small to small things taken care of. Starting with Single Layer Machines, Jagmohan has continued its innovation journey creating milestones from single layer to 5 layer water tanks. More layers gives you the option of using regrind materials in inner layers and saving in virgin raw material and also provides you the open window for adding additives , UV Stabilizers to some definite amounts. Only in Jagmohan machine , you will find the option of controlling the thickness of each layer and even switching off any layer if not needed for that particular application. This unique feature is on the basis of their separate hydraulic systems for each layer with each dedicated control.

Along with this , this is just not the stop…with Jagmohan Water Tank Machines , you can get the best production rates of around 18-20 pieces of 500 litres and thereof. The production rate decreases with higher capacities and vice versa. Jagmohan offers you a complete range in this regard starting from 500 Litres to 5000 litres the largest of all...Till date they have exported the largest in its kind of 3000 litres 3 machines to Nigeria. Italy is a country globally acclaimed for its technology and innovations ; but Jagmohan from INDIA had broken that jinx 2 years before in 2013, and had exported 2000 litres Water Tank Machine being the first Indian Manufacturer in its category to prove themselves and create history!

Today, along with Italy…appreciations and enquiries are pouring from customers and probable customers using their Water tank Machines from different corners of the world.

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