Note to Jt Secretary

It was our long standing wish that seniors from our guardian – DHI, visit Ahmedabad where most Plastics Machinery Manufacturers are located and get acquainted with our sector and guide us for our future progress. It was accomplished now in 4th year of formation of our association, on 28th May 2015. DHI visited the Plants of members of Plastics Machinery Manufacturers Association of India and spared time for interacting with the members. Through the day and over the meeting discussions he enquired about our industry’s current status and actions needed for realizing the growth potential.

During discussions two actions, which have not been paid much attention in the past by us, emerged

  • Development of BIS for Plastics Machinery - This would help building image for the product, and, a good standing in global market. Additionally, having stipulated standard for machinery being sold in the market will prevent import of non-compliant machinery. It will provide opportunity to domestic machinery to improve market share
  • Encouraging manufacturing of high cost technology parts in the country to reduce imports – As of now Motion Element (Ball Screws, Linear Motion Guideways, Precision Bearings), Energy saving prime movers (Servo Motors & Servo Drives), Intermediary power systems (Electronically controlled pumps, Servo Pumps) and Electronics control & control elements used in construction of machinery - Machine Tools, Plastics Machinery, Process Machinery, Textile Machinery are imported from Germany, Japan and Taiwan

Clubbing requirements of these items from Machine Tools, Textile Machines, Processing Machinery and Plastics Processing Machinery may give commercially viable volumes to produce in the country by associating with technology leaders from abroad.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Business Guide

Edition 2011

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