Windsor Empowers the Processing Industry with Gen Next Italtech KL Series, Two Platen Machines

The next-gen two platen injection moulding machines showcase technological strength, fast cycling operations, optimised platen weights, advanced control systems to help in quick process set ups and improved product quality.

The prime objective of Windsor, after the acquisition of Italtech, was to build on Italtech’s expertise and experience, innovate and adopt new technologies so as to make Two Platen machines at an affordable price, especially since the European two platen machines typically cost twice as much when compared to the Indian made toggle or hydro mechanical machines.

Italtech is a pioneer in the production of injection moulding machines for thermoplastic materials & globally partners leading companies in the automotive sector such as Fiat, Renault, Nissan besides a number of Tier-1 and Tier-2 vendors. Italtech comes with significant experience of manufacturing high tonnage machines. Across the globe, there are over 700 machines installed, with a clamp force of over 1000 tons. To suit a wide spectrum of needs, KL series machines are today available in the clamp force range of 350 to 8000 tons.

The latest KL series machines come with some very impressive technological upgrades such as high mould to machine size, increase in productivity, reliability, accuracy with minimal moving parts &lower maintenance costs plus more. The unique clamping mechanism ensures equal tonnage in all 4 tie bars. This arrangement also increases the mould life. All this will benefit the processors with a big reduction in ‘Total cost of ownership’.

With the KL Series machines, Windsor addresses the problem of article / product accuracy, which is today an issue of concern for most of the Indian processors. Against the industry average of 1%, the platen guides in KL series machines are so designed that they can smoothly work with mould weights of upto 2% of the clamping force, offering unparalleled user flexibility of using heavy moulds on the same machines. The large mould weights are uniformly distributed on the sturdy machine frame.

Nitin Chowdhary, Dy. CEO, Windsor states, ‘Italtech has one of the latest technologies in the world for two platen machines; the customers can optimise the machine selection based on their requirement and not end up taking larger machines which are resource hungry’.

One of the most unique innovations of these 4th generation two platen machines (KL series) is the patented “Jaw Clamping System”. The synchronised movement of both nut halves, increases machine reliability and eliminates premature tie bar and nut failure. The KL series come with a ‘Green Agenda’; on one side the specially engineered platens minimize the resources utilized to manufacture the clamp mechanism and on the other, the energy demand on moving the platens is reduced considerably. All natural resources are thus diligently utilized. The machines come with a reduced footprint – saving about 15-20% floor space. Globally, the KL series machines are positioned as ‘Clean Machines’ as there is no guiding of the tie bar, eliminating the need for lubricants and thus any possibility of lube contact with your product. The short tie bar design, which maximizes daylight available, is a feature unique to the KL series as well.


Windsor is a global plastic processing machinery manufacturer with its manufacturing facilities in India & Italy. It’s one of the few companies engaged in manufacturing of Injection Moulding, Pipe Extrusion and Blown Film machineries, all under one roof. With cutting edge product designs and latest technologies in its portfolio, Windsor continues to serve and support the varied needs of plastics processing industry across 65 countries, by harnessing its vast experience spanning over five decades. A recent takeover of ITALTECH (Italy) and continued partnering with KUHNE GmbH (Germany), THE MACHINES (Switzerland) and PROTOOL (Switzerland), has enabled us to move rapidly against competition and build “Technological Excellence”. As a responsible corporate player in the industry for over 50 years, Windsor has succeeded in its mission of creating “Happy Customers” across the globe.

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