From the Chairman's Desk

Dear Friends,

I am very happy to share with you that entire Plastics Processing Machinery sector has started showing a positive growth in FY 2015-16 after a down trend for last 3 years. This is the only sector in Capital goods which is now indicating a positive growth. I appreciate the efforts of the industry colleagues who are continuously working on R&D and technology developments for their respective products.

PMMAI continues to work closely with Department of Heavy Industries and other related ministries for the betterment of industry. For Market Growth & Export Development we are pleased to share with you that Ministry of Commerce has granted 3% export benefit for Plastics Processing Machinery manufacturers under MEIS in FTP 2015-2020 with regard to exports to “Country Group C” as well. Hence, PPM exports shall get 3% benefit w.r.t. exports to ALL Countries now.

Domestic machinery manufacturers will now be given preference for Purchase by PSU and Government institutes. We see a positive development for this as evinced by orders recently received by Toshiba Machines India.

Demand or requirement for the PPM Industry :

  • Development of Supplier Cluster : Quality and reliability of the product is decided by the quality of components put into its construction and the cost of the product is decided by cost of parts from supplier. Industry needs to pay attention to develop efficient supply chain for cost-quality–delivery leveraging the cluster approach. Members ned to work together to develop such clusters for benefit of industry
  • Development of Product Standards for Plastics Machinery : To increase the export potential & reduce imports, standardization is required on utmost priority for the industry. PMMAI is working for standardization with BIS

Standards will bring uniformity in Specs, performance measurement similar to Euromap for Plastics Machinery. Regulatory standards for Safety, Health and Environment similar to CE, EN 201, ANSI. This is necessary for raising image for participation in Global Market, also for guaranteeing delivery of safe to work with machinery to domestic users.

On members request we are working on certain more initiatives for the benefit of industry like:

  • Collective participation in exhibitions
  • Common Purchase System
  • Delegation to K Show

We request members to participate in such activities initiated for them.Please participate actively in our open houses for free exchange of views. Next open house is scheduled at Ahmedabad on 5th August,2016.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Business Guide

Edition 2011

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